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Bazaar Girls - Townsend Harbor Book 3

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Gemini “Gemma” McKendrick knows just about everything about everybody in Townsend Harbor. When she’s not serving on one of the many civic positions or leaping headlong into another hobby, she’s hosting the Sunday Stitch ‘N Bitch at her yarn and craft shop, Bazaar Girls. But all her schmoozing isn’t converting to sales, and with her quirky boutique in big trouble, she makes a snap decision to rent out the basement of her cozy craftsman to Townsend Harbor newcomer Gabe Kelly. A man with a past as colorful as his tattoo sleeves, who has become an urban legend since he blew into town. And who better than Gemma, Townsend Harbor’s own gossip guru, to answer the rumor mill's most pressing questions? Like whether the silver-tongued mechanic is as good with his hands as he is with a socket wrench.

Gabriel “Gabe” Kelly wasn’t born into a family so much as a criminal enterprise. Taught to lift, chop, and rebuild cars since before he could tie his own shoes, he’s obliged to pay his debt to society before deserting Boston for Townsend Harbor, Washington.. A place he could stay out of trouble. He immediately lands about the only job an ex-con with prison muscles and neck tattoos could easily find in a town like this–a mechanic for a high-end vintage car shop. Moonlighting as the only tow truck in a thirty-mile radius, he rescues the absent-minded hottie who runs the local yarn shop. But he quickly discovers that a toy-sized car with a dashboard lit up by Christmas isn’t the only thing in Gemma McKendrick’s life desperately in need of maintenance. Gabe, who is uniquely qualified to diagnose and fix complicated mechanisms, finds his sexy landlord is impossible to figure out. Looks like he’ll have to take a peek at her undercarriage to find out what makes her purr before he hits the road again.

Because women of her caliber don’t take home guys with his make and model…

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Art design and book cover design by Staci Hart.

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