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Townsend Harbor Books

"Effortlessly    funny!"
- Penny Reid

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Darby Dunwell is not—as her name might suggest—a Bond Girl, though she’s been blessed with the body of one. An east coast, ivy-league, trust fund kid, she flees a life of expectation, elocution, and executive board rooms to follow her one true love: Coffee. Isn't the Washington Coast the Mecca for all things brew related? The deeply eccentric seaside tourist hamlet of Townsend Harbor throws its doors wide open for her sex-positive, bikini-themed coffee shop named, Brewbies. Her grand opening is an unmitigated success, until the county sheriff saunters in to shut her down.

Compulsive rule-follower Sheriff Ethan Townsend is known for helping old ladies across the road, breaking up bar fights, and keeping the sleepy town safe from the flood of seasonal tourists. One-night stands, not so much. After having his heart publicly stomped on, he no longer bothers to ask the name of the woman he’s going to forget in the morning. A policy he regrets when the woman who blew his mind turns out to be his nemesis.


Not only is Darby’s salacious coffee shop causing traffic incidents on the Coastal Highway, its proprietress keeps making his life–among other things–as hard as possible.


Darby finds herself embroiled in a feud she never wanted with the cop who is as tight assed as his trousers suggest. But even as their animosity sizzles and the town begins to take sides, Ethan can’t seem to keep his eyes off Darby’s double D’s.


Art design and book cover design by Staci Hart.

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